For over 20 years I was satisfied running a successful businesses. Since March 2017 our team has worked to create an outstanding one.   We identified six core values that foster the development of each person and relationships with our clients.  We then meticulously focused on the serving their needs and building a culture of engagement around them.  We began looking at everything through the lense of these values and changed everything that was incongruent with them.  Our modern day culture and industry often define success by the number of dollars yielded from a transaction.  We choose to represent it by the extent to which we care for and serve the needs of our employees and clients. There are no shortcuts to building a culture centered on caring for and serving the needs of others.   It's hard work.   It requires a willingness by every person in the company to pour ourselves out every day for the benefit of another.  If you think our culture has made us "soft" think again.  It's become a competitive weapon for us, made us an employer of choice and delivers tremendous value to clients.  We are in the deep end of the pool right now, having fun and focused on growing and scaling the company over the next several years.

Graduated 1991: BS in Accounting from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Graduated 1987: Jesuit High School - New Orleans

Ready Power L.L.C., President & Member

Certified Public Accountant: Malcolm M Dienes & Co. 

United States Army Reserve, Commissioned Officer

Developer: 337 & 339 Baronne St., 921 Lafayette St, 745-49 Baronne St, 500 S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy, ICBCDC

Permanent Deacon, Archdiocese of New Orleans Ordained 2010

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The humblest servant leader and most gifted person I’ve ever worked with. He put his education at Harvard on hold after Katrina to come help with the recovery in New Orleans where he coordinated work for and managed a rotating volunteer staff of 175+ people. When the Katrina recovery got traction, he came peddling up to our office on his bicycle looking for work and, in a few years, became an owner. He created Ready Power (our sister company) from the ground up and knows every aspect of both businesses intimately. He’s the brightest mind in both companies and a tireless leader.  Even though the city recovered from Katrina, Jeremiah never stopped helping others in need.  He's accompanied several employees on their journey to full U.S. citizenship, is a regular volunteer at Covenant House and a mentor and friend to men facing the challenges of life in the inner city and incarceration.  He received recognition from Inc. 5000 & Forbes in both 2016/18 for creating one of the fastest growing inner city businesses.  He loves dogs, travel, cooking and meeting new people.   FYI - Don’t challenge him to a game of squash.


Graduated 2009: BA in Government from Harvard College, Cambridge, MA.

Graduated 2001: West Henderson High School, Salutatorian

Graduated 2016: 10,000 Goldman Sachs Small Businesses

Graduated 2019:  Louisiana's Economic Development's (LED) - CEO Round Table

Graduated 2019:  Small Business Association's (SBA) - Emerging Leaders

Graduated 2019:  Emerging Philanthropist's of New Orleans (EPNO) - Emerging Philanthropists 

Ready Power L.L.C. Vice President & Member 

Published author, “Let’s Go 2002.” Eagle Scout.



When it comes to strategic business initiatives, execution and leadership, Trey is as good as they get.  

As an partner with Accenture, he led a team that formulated and delivered lifecycle product data management and operational process management for Texas Instruments, Raytheon, Applied Materials and a host of other clients. He conceptualized, developed and initiated a growth plan that propelled ProLab from a $6M to a $25M company in four years.  He's operationalizing our business processes,  tuning up our IT infrastructure, enhancing deployment of technology to the field, and integrating the use of both business and training metrics as tools to evaluate the fiscal and cultural health of the companies.  That's a mouthful of big words.  I can boil it down to a few small ones.  Trey's a "GSD" guy.  He "Gets Stuff Done" and is an essential part of the team as we scale.  He loves red beans on Monday as much as any good New Orleanian.  However, he's an avid Alabama fan so don't be surprised if he responds with a "Roll Tide" when you ask him if he'll be watching LSU during football season.

Graduated 1990: BS in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Graduated 1986: Shades Valley High School, Valedictorian

Accenture (Andersen Consulting) Equity Partner/Senior Manager/Manager/Senior/Analyst 

Professional Clinical Laboratory Inc.  (ProLab) CFO, CIO & Owner

WMB III Enterprises Inc. & tr3dio L.L.C., Owner 

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He worked for 10 years as both an estimator and project manager for the largest electrical contractor in the state before joining our team. If you enjoy seeing the New Orleans Saints play on Sundays you can thank Bert. He's the guy who managed the installation of the LED sports lighting system in the Superdome. He understood the challenges of illuminating a professional sport field so the NFL's most talented coaches
& players could exercise their skills. He's doing likewise at Jack's and removing every barrier to ensure our foreman and electricians can flourish and grow. Bert is one of the most intuitive people I've worked with.  From the beginning, he understood the importance of establishing a culture of engagement and more importantly the impact it would have on the lives of our people.  Our employees' and clients' success is his mission.  Bert is one of the most affable guys in the company but don't let his smile and demeanor fool you.  He 's the shrewdest "Texas Hold'em" player in New Orleans.

Graduated 2001: New Orleans Electrical Apprenticeship Program

Graduated 2016: Project Management and Estimate Training Program

Frischhertz Electric Project Manager and Estimator

NSC Electric, Superintendent

Frischhertz Electric, Electrician/Apprentice

John Landry.jpg


You'll rarely beat John to the office.  He's often the first one to arrive and the last to leave.  He has 30+ years of field and project management experience and brings them all to bear in his current role as the Director of Procurement, Training and Pre-Fabrication. He has an innovative mind and a value-oriented solution for just about any electrical challenge he runs across.  His commitment to the company is unwavering and he's the guy you want in the foxhole when the bullets are flying.  John loves systems and processes and has created a number of them to optimize the company's efficiency and execution.  One of our core values is Train, Teach and Learn and John lives it everyday.  If he's not in New Orleans, your best bet to reach him is either at his cousin's vineyard or in Nashville.  He's learned a little bit about Louisiana wines and a lot about country music. 

Graduated 1991: Associates Degree in Electrical Construction, Delgado Community College, New Orleans

Graduated 1985: L.W. Higgins High School

State Licensed Electrician

Jack's Electric Service, Inc. Estimator/Project Manager/Foreman/Electrician

Pat Oshaughnessy.jpg


They don’t make them like Pat anymore. One of the most innovative members of our team, he is an encyclopedia of solutions and an open book to all of our foreman. Pat 's cultivated his 30+ years of field experience into a unique gift and uncanny ability to walk on a job and assess where we are and what we need to do to stay ahead of schedule within five minutes of arriving. His leadership in the field combined with his experience place him at the top of his craft. He has a huge smile, loves to laugh and tell stories too. Despite having a pair of pliers in his hands for most of the last 30 years, Pat has also developed a green thumb helping his wife Tana manage her successful landscape business on weekends. He captains a pretty big crew at Jack's but Tana calls the shots on the weekends! 

Jack's Electric Service, Inc. General Superintendent/Foreman/Electrician

A & M Electric, Foreman


He's a phenomenal estimator with 25+ years of field and project management experience.   Kurt's responsible for far more than producing estimates and winning jobs.  His leadership role in "turn over meeting" has transformed the way we approach projects, collaborate with clients, and execute work. Kurt is teaching the next generation of Foremen before they ever set foot on a job how to breakdown a project into bite-sized pieces, look for pre-fabrication opportunities, and identify challenges before they become problems.  (Not what you would expect from a typical estimator right?...Kurt is anything but typical.) He's a fearless competitor, loves to win, and puts the work in every day that leads to success.  He had that approach as a bull rider and brings that same approach to work every day.  When he's not developing the next generation of leaders, He loves vacationing with family, hunting, and pulling 40lb catfish out of the Mississippi River.

State of Texas Journeyman Electrical License

McCormick, Timberline & Accubid Training/Mastery

Frischhertz Electric, Estimator

Mojave Electric, Estimator

Omega Electric Inc., President, Estimator, Project Manager

J Rooney.jpg


Jason is one of the unsung heroes of the company and a quiet leader. Don't let his young face fool you, Jason is no stranger to the field.  He learned the trade while putting himself through college and is more reliable than the UPS, Fedex and Amazon guys when it comes to getting things done. If he's not sharpening his estimating skills, you can find him orienting, on-boarding and training new team members on how to use our technology, tablets and software to enhance productivity in the field.  When he's not working he's burning calories jogging, riding bikes or renovating his place in Abita Springs.  He's the company's health guru.  Jason is familiar with the "Just say 'No' campaign"...he uses it all the time when it comes to doughnuts and fast food.

Graduated 2010: Bachelor of Science, Business Management, Southeastern University, Hammond

Jack's Electric Service, Inc, Electrician, Foreman, Procurement Manager

Bertucci Electric, Electrician

    Training with some of our Team